What is the BEST Password Manager for 2021

2021 Update: Wondering what is the BEST password manager for 2021? Following our best password managers review from 2020, in this video, we’re taking a look at our TOP 5 including LastPass, Bitwarden, 1Password, Dashlane, Keeper, KeePass, Roboform, StickyPassword, NordPass and Enpass password managers, covering the features, security, ease of use, pricing, and more! Watch the video until the end to find out my top pick for the best password manager for 2021! Special thanks to Tom Lawrence from @Lawrence Systems for teaming up on this one! #PASSWORDMANAGER #BESTPASSWORDMANAGER #CYBERSECURITY #PETEMATHESON 1Password Discounts! 🛒 Get 25% off 1Password Personal: 🛒 Get 50% off 1Password Family: 🛒 3 Months Free of 1Password Business: 🛒 Get 50% Off 1Password Teams: 🛒 Get 40% off Keeper Unlimited: (or 30% Off: (Or give me £15: 🛒 Sign up for LastPass: 🛒 Bitwarden: 🛒 Get 6 Months Free with Dashlane: 🛒 Get up to 42% off RoboForm: Looking for the best FREE password manager? Watch this video! 👇🏼 🎥 1Password Family Review 👇🏼 🎥 ⏩ Skip to these time stamps 0:00 What is the BEST Password Manager for 2021 2:43 LastPass 7:02 1Password 10:53 Bitwarden 12:59 Dashlane 15:07 Keeper 18:09 Summary 19:57 Other Mentions Support the Channel: Become a Member: TOOLS I USE FOR MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL 🔸 Grow your YouTube Channel TubeBuddy (Free 30 Day Trial): 🔸 Where I get my Music from (30 Day Free Trial): 🔸 Also where I get my Music from (30 Day Free Trial): 🔸 $10 off Rev Subtitles for your Videos: MY 2021 GEAR KITS 🔸 Camera Gear I use for YouTube: 🔸 Beginner YouTuber Kit: 🔸 Livestreaming Setup: 🔸 Podcasting Gear: MY 2021 YOUTUBE GEAR 🔸 Main Camera: 🔸 Lens: 🔸 Shotgun Mic: 🔸 Wireless Mic: 🔸 Vlog Tripod: 🔸 Gimbal: 🔸 Drone: 🔸 Studio Light: 🔸 Camera Backpack: 🔸 Recorder & Monitor: 🔸 Electric Sit & Stand Desk: TOOLS TO RUN YOUR BUSINESS 🔸 The CRM I use in every business: 🔸 The book that changed our financial lives: 🔸 The most rewarding Business Credit Card: 🔸 Use this to get Customer Feedback (Use code ‘pmatheson20’ for 20% off for first 3 months): 🔸 Get the first month free on any Plan from Meet Edgar: 🔸 Get 25% off my favourite password manager: 🔸 The group that every MSP should join: NON RELATED USEFUL LINKS 🔸 Get £50 Cashback and cheap UK renewable electricity: 🔸 1,000 Free Tesla Supercharging Miles: 🔸 What I use for investing in stocks (Get a free stock worth up to £100) : 🔸 Get 2 of my MUST read Books for free: 🙏🏼 FOLLOW ME 🙏🏼 YouTube: Twitter: LinkedIn: Website: 🌵 NEW HERE? 🌵 My name is Pete and from 2011, I started and grew an IT Support and Services Company from £0 to over £1m in turnover before selling the business in 2020. New video’s every Thursday and Sunday! I upload vlogs, tech reviews, how-to / behind the scenes technology videos. 📈 Business Enquiries 📈 Website: www.petematheson.co.uk Website: www.notabusinesscoach.com Disclosures: All opinions are my own. Some links in the descriptions are affiliate links that if you click on, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you. –SMPOST– Literally my most highly request video of all time – the 2021 version! 💥

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  1. 1password requires you to enter secret key if you are on a new computer along with master password then only the 2FA USB key will work. This is a big negative since the secret key is very long which means you will be copy pasting it from somewhere and clipboard on desktops are huge security risk

  2. Really don't get the continual emphasis on being able to change logins while you're offline. Like, you're not online so you're not going to be using any of these passwords? Also, how much time does any computer user spend offline, and why? It's an app that I use to log into websites on the internet, so who tf cares if I have to use the internet to use the app?

  3. I find it strange that MYKI is not mentioned at all. I consider it to be the best free alternative today, and even though this video is not exclusively considering the free alternatives, I still think MYKI should be mentioned.

  4. What do you mean that Bitwarden doesnt have an Offline mode? The desktop app is what? Swiss Cheese? It can be used offline, and synch'd later. Have i misunderstood what offline means?

  5. I love bitwarden, but the ease of use/accessibility has so much friction that I'm seriously considering switching. How you store and organize info is hard to organize and the mobile app is very lacking. Using it on mobile is very frustrating when the prompt to use it will also block other fields you need to fill out.

  6. Can you please speak FASTER.
    You see I am constantly rewinding to replay what you said to try to understand you, so if you speak FASTER rewinding is faster and so I can try to decode what you said faster and!!!!!!! well you get the message.
    By the way I am a Brit also.

  7. Very helpful info. I've been happy with Dashlane but since they're discontinuing their desktop app I'm out. I'm wondering whether to just get a Antivirus package that includes a password manager like Kapersky or Norton but I'm not sure if they're too basic compared to the dedicated pass managers.

  8. This is the best comparison information i have found to date. Convinced me to use BitWarden. Bu tcan someone tell me how often i will need to actually use my master password.

  9. What is about Remembear? Nobody mentioned it so far in a comparison. I personally quite like it since it has many advantages over these you mentioned. 2FA is a big point for me but sadly almost none of the newer managers support it. Sadly on Android Remembear has its problems since a few months.
    I am also curious about Kasperskys Passwort manager which came up recently.

  10. A vault is somewhat more than just the ability to "categorise" your passwords. It provides segmentation for sharing scenarios for one. For example, as a business, we can have a shared business vault for passwords that all staff need to access, and I have a "manager" vault that myself and my business manager can access, so that for those important passwords, there isn't that risk of losing access (obviously that requires implicit trust in the person(s) you share it with).

  11. Excelent video Pete! I have never use a password manager, but i am going with 1password, its the more complete. And if you have a problem you can share the emergency kit, its not that fancy as dashlane but its more secure. Thanks a lot and great video!

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