PPP Loan Status: You Applied, Now What?

#ppp #ppploan #ppploanstatus Update – May 5, 2021: The SBA has stopped accepting PPP applications due to lack of funds. The SBA will continue to fund outstanding applications that have been already approved. ____ You’ve successfully submitted your application for your first or second PPP draw. Now what? It’s important to know how you can keep tabs on your PPP loan status. In this video, Aura outlines the best contact methods to learn your status, and, she answers a few frequently asked questions around the PPP application status. Here are timestamps so you can jump directly to your PPP lender info: 1:01 Wells Fargo 1:18 Bank Of America 1:40 Chase 1:52 US Bank 2:05 PNC Bank 2:22 lendio 2:32 smartbiz 2:43 BlueVine 2:57 CREDIBLY 3:07 fundera 3:17 Funding Circle 3:29 Celtic Bank 3:39 SBA 4:37 FAQs 6:49 How about you? _______ LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO: 1. Our PPP loan status article with additional information & links: 2. SBA’s customer service email: disastercustomerservice@sba.gov 3. CREDITS: Video editing: Owi Owsiany Music and image Credits, Sound effects + Video effects: Storyblocks __________ Say hi on social: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest:

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  1. EthicalLiamhacks01 on Instagram, I just received the confirmation for my loan approval and I can’t tell you how overwhelmed am I for your this great gesture. This was a very crucial moment for me as my deadline for paying my college fees was approaching. I am scholar in college and high hopes for my future.

  2. Dear EthicalLiamhacks01 on Instagram, I am very thankful to you for your favor that you showed by accepting my application for a loan and your bank has approved my. I was in great need of money as I had to renovate my home before this summer.

  3. Thanks EthicalLiamhacks01 on Instagram for providing the kind of help that I needed. Your financial support has provided much needed stress relief. I owe you gratitude and so much more.

  4. Hello I'm at a crossroads and I don't understand what to do or what's going on I applied for a PPP under womply/fast lane so when I checked my status like two weeks ago and all my check marks was all good but on the part where it says have u ever received a PPP loan and it said no and on the part where I guess it would be the loan numbers at well it wasn't there then further down the page where it says first draw it had the amount of my loan and it had the amount on the 2nd PPP draw as well some paperwork had came in my email for me to sign and initial like almost a month ago to which I signed so then when I went back a week ago and checked it's now saying where it asked have you ever had a PPP loan before it's now saying yes instead of No and on the part where I was saying that I guess it's the loan numbers it now has numbers in the slot instead of having none like before and on the part where it says first draw it's not saying already received instead of having the amount in the slot and for the part where it says 2nd draw the amount is still there but I also forgot to mention the part where it has two boxes that says first draw and 2nd draw well at first in the first draw box it said harvest being the lender I guess and in the 2nd draw box it's saying womply review now that was two weeks ago but now in the box where the lender name was it's now saying that I didn't request funds and basically if I want them that I can re apply and in the second box it's still saying womply review why would they be saying that I already received the first draw PPP amount but then it's saying that I didn't request to receive the funds no one else who has a business that I Kno have to do that and besides they never sent me any paperwork asking me to request if I wanted it when of course I want it that's why I applied of course I need help with this I sent womply an email and I also sent harvest one also harvest hasn't gotten back to me and womply has gotten back to me but didn't answer any of my questions I've even Ted photos so they can better understand what I mean and what im talking about

  5. I went thru smart biz loans and last week got an email saying that the sba gave me a plp number and now I was in the closing process but when I go to smart biz loans website I’m still at the “smart biz review” bullet point, next would be bank review then closing the funding. Do you know anything about their process? I was told one you get a plp number funds are reserved but then read that it still has to go to the underwriting process. The email said lookout for closing documents in 7-14 days but I thought they had 10 days to fund once given plp number. Ugh!!! I’m super frustrated and anxious, any input would be great

  6. Hi quick question what if my Womply status reflected lender funding yesterday (all ✅) promissory signed and today it reflects funding failed. Can you please tell me what this means. (Harvest)

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  8. The best platform have ever seen so far dealt and trust is the perfection of Oscarhack99 on telegram superb and awesome just can’t thank this team enjoy they are really amazing

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