Douglas Bloch Livestream Video #194

In this video, author and depression survivor Douglas Bloch answers questions from viewers about all aspects of mental health recovery. Live video chats are held every Sunday at noon Pacific Coast time, United States. Simply go to at 12 noon Pacific Coast Time and wait for the link to the live chat to appear. To visit my depression recovery website, go to To listen to my new podcast channel go to To visit my personal website which contains links to all of my books, websites, and newsletters, go to To visit my website on suicide prevention, go to To see the audiobook version of my memoir When Going Through Hell … Don’t Stop! on Audible, click on this link. To contribute to this channel so that its healing information can reach more people, visit To sign up for a free newsletter that provides valuable e-tips for healing from depression, click here: To join my live twitch streams go to

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  1. If you're quarantined due to the virus, reading and watching videos like yours I sure do help. But, when you are trying to watch what's happening in society with the election and corona you have to relate thoughts to keep yourself sane. Done. Awm

  2. Oh I missed the live stream again because I was feeling so low…I'm glad I can rewatch it. Thank you Douglas for making me feel better I always watch your videos when I'm at my lowest and feel instant relief and hope, you are truly a wonderful person 🌹

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